Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShiningStars?
ShiningStars is a program that developed from the need for creativity and human interaction! In this day and age, we are all growing very accustomed to face-to-screen interaction and we are, sadly, losing our ability to interact face-to-face. ShiningStars is a fun and interactive program that can help your student gain confidence and skills in verbal interactions as well as develop empathy, bravery, and teamwork skills. We incorporate games and activities that promote verbal skills as well as facial and body language. While we do have a dramatic focus, we do not intend for all of our students to grow to be actors. We intend to give them the skills and tools needed to communicate effectively, which is a skill that will come in handy no matter what career they choose in life. Our goal is to develop brave, creative leaders and have a ton of fun along the way!

What ages can enroll in ShiningStars classes?
Our classes are generally geared towards ages 3 to 8 years. We often accept 2.5 year-olds as well, as long as they are able to follow physical examples of the instructors and other students. We also have some classes for students up to 5th grade, depending on your school's programming.

My child is very shy. Will they do well in ShiningStars?
Absolutely! We love to watch children blossom from very shy and quiet to outgoing and creative. In our program, we create a very safe environment and teach communication skills through fun games and activities. Shy children will have the opportunity to grow at their own pace and we know you will be pleasantly surprised with their progress.

My child is already very silly and creative! How will ShiningStars help them?
Of course! Since we are a drama-themed program, creative and silly children fit right in! However, we also incorporate activities that promote teamwork and respect for others. We will explore what it means to be a good listener as well as a confident speaker. We can help very creative children focus their creative energy into productive forms of communication all while giving them the chance to grow in their silliness.

When are ShiningStars performances?
We always work with the school's schedule as well as parent schedules to set a convenient performance time. If your child is enrolled in a specific length program (i.e. 8 weeks), their performance will always be on the last day of class. If your child is enrolled in a month-to-month program, we will schedule performances according to when we think they children are ready. In every case, we will let you know via email the performance date, time, and other information at least two weeks prior to the performance so you can arrange your schedule accordingly.

My child's school already offers ShiningStars classes as part of their in-school cirriculum. How are the extracirricular classes different from the in-school classes?
Our in-school and extracirricular classes focus on the same goal: developing brave, creative leaders. However, the extracirricular classes offer your student a unique opportunity to put their newly learned communication skills into practice. During our in-school classes, students never have the chance to show off their skills to anyone except other classmates. In our extracirricular programs, students work towards putting on a play that families can come watch.

How can I get ShiningStars into my child's preschool?
If you'd like to see ShiningStars become a part of your child's school, please let us know! You can contact the Washington Director, Candace Dahne, at 206-653-5660 or via email at And, of course, let your school's director know you are interested, too!